SIK KIRIAKAKIS is a privately held company with decades of expertise, delivering top notch agricultural machinery products to professionals that do business in Greece.

From the founder, Efstratios Kiriakakis to his son, Ioannis Kiriakakis, SIK KIRIAKAKIS has always been manufacturing products with care and expertise from 1969.

SIK KIRIAKAKIS manufactures a complete range of agricultural products defined by great quality, significant durability and high efficiency.

Our products vary from tilers to air compressors and rake harvesters to generators. Particularly, our product range includes tilers, rake harvesters, moters, handles, air compressors and generators. Additionally, we manufacture various tools such as ridging plough attachments, potato extractors, tiller stabilising wheels, leaf and olive fruit separators, chain saws and self propelled two wheel tractors with wagon.

All of our products are made with love and care, paying attention to the smallest detail.